Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere

You’ve just two weeks left to join my Kickstarter journey and help me get my latest crime novel published.

My publishers, being a small family-run firm, just don’t have the capital investment that’s available to large conglomerates. So instead, they help authors like me achieve their dream of getting published with a different, innovative new way.

They launch Kickstarter campaigns for their authors. Everyone has a fundraising target and one month to achieve it. Raise enough cash and you get your book published. But if you don’t raise enough funds…..  😦

My Kickstarter campaign is to get my new crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’ published. I have a target set at £850. But I’m nowhere near that yet – and I need your help please, my friends.

Please click on the link above and watch the KS video of Chester landmarks (which I produced and edited myself).

Read more about WHY I have turned to Kickstarter to try and get published, and PLEASE click on the ‘Donate’ button to pledge your support.

For just £1 you will get a downloadable copy of the book. For £8 you’ll get a paperback version of it and a signed copy for £12 – that’s IF I can manage to raise enough to get it printed and released, that is!!

Many thanks in advance for all your help and support, and many regards! 🙂


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