Just 5 days left to help me achieve my dream of publishing my new crime novel!

Hi there – you’ve got just 5 days left to support the innovative campaign to help me publish my new crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’. Have you pledged your support yet?

Being a small family firm, my publisher doesn’t have the massive cash flow of the multinational companies. So instead, they’ve come up with a great way to try and raise enough money to help authors get published.

They launch Kickstarter campaigns for each author. My Kickstarter campaign is here. Why not visit it today, watch the video of Chester – which I produced and edited myself – and click on DONATE now.

Just a £1 donation gets you a FREE downloadable copy of my book; just £8 gets you a paperback copy; and £12 gets you a signed copy of the book. There’s also collections of books – mine and crime books from other authors – to buy for £20 and £30 if you’re a crime fiction addict!

But I simply cannot get published without your help please! The Kickstarter campaign finishes this Friday – 14 December 2018 – so please take a few seconds to click that link now, watch and enjoy the video, and click DONATE. You won’t regret it! 🙂


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‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’ starts on the first day when policeman Dominic Strider joins Chester CID. He is immediately plunged into action when he finds a bomb outside Chester Cathedral, primed to detonate in four minutes. With no sign of the bomb squad, he has only one option to avoid disaster – he recklessly picks up the bomb and runs through the crowded city centre streets with it, hoping to throw it in the river before it explodes.

Well, they say you should always start your novel off with a bang!! That’s only Chapter 1.
Who planted the bomb and why? Who murdered a local newspaper reporter and an elderly lady, and what’s their connection to the mysterious disappearance of a treasure trove? Can DC Strider catch the bank robbers and drugs kingpin bringing misery on the city? And why does DC Strider dress up as a Roman centurion to save his best friend’s life?

All these questions and more will be answered in the book. All we need is your support to get it published please! 🙂

Two weeks left to help me get published – have you joined my Kickstarter campaign yet?

Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere

You’ve just two weeks left to join my Kickstarter journey and help me get my latest crime novel published.

My publishers, being a small family-run firm, just don’t have the capital investment that’s available to large conglomerates. So instead, they help authors like me achieve their dream of getting published with a different, innovative new way.

They launch Kickstarter campaigns for their authors. Everyone has a fundraising target and one month to achieve it. Raise enough cash and you get your book published. But if you don’t raise enough funds…..  😦

My Kickstarter campaign is to get my new crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’ published. I have a target set at £850. But I’m nowhere near that yet – and I need your help please, my friends.

Please click on the link above and watch the KS video of Chester landmarks (which I produced and edited myself).

Read more about WHY I have turned to Kickstarter to try and get published, and PLEASE click on the ‘Donate’ button to pledge your support.

For just £1 you will get a downloadable copy of the book. For £8 you’ll get a paperback version of it and a signed copy for £12 – that’s IF I can manage to raise enough to get it printed and released, that is!!

Many thanks in advance for all your help and support, and many regards! 🙂


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My Author’s Page on Amazon.com