Creating videos to promote my new book – and being nominated for an Amazon Kindle award

Technology these days can be a wonderful tool for authors working to a budget to promote their work (especially if it’s a non-existent budget).

This very tool, WordPress, is free to use and I can even convert my semi-regular blogs into audio ones thanks to Spotify (and these are heard around the globe). That WordPress posts my blogs to my social media channels (all free to use) is even better.

Well, I’ve found a new and free way to promote my third crime novel – Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere – featuring the early adventures of Detective Constable Dominic Strider of Chester C.I.D. It’s available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback now.

While living in London, I still regularly visit Chester and, as a habit, always take loads of photos of the wonderful Victorian and Roman architecture, buildings and monuments. I’ve already shared many of these photos via this blog.

Well, now I’ve hit upon another way I can utilise them. By making a video montage of them, using MS Photo and Video Editor on my laptop.

It’s important to start with a story idea. I’ve taken scenarios from the book and used my pictures to illustrate them.

For example, the first video details the opening main chapter, in which DC Strider finds a bomb in the city centre, dumped right outside the Cathedral. With the bomb disposal team waylaid elsewhere and the bomb’s timer ticking down the minutes, Strider has just enough time to dispose of the bomb or risk it exploding.

So he does the only ‘sensible’ thing and, in typical reckless Strider fashion, picks up the bomb, runs through the city centre streets with it and drops it in the river with seconds to spare. The bomb detonates under the water. He has saved the city and it’s residents – although this is only the very start of his incredible journey. He must later find out who planted the bomb and why, tangle with them again and also solve two murders.

My photographs, strung together, follow his route from the Cathedral, down Northgate Street, past The Cross, down Watergate Street to the River Dee. It’s a simple narrative to follow, and one I was able to set to a (free) pumping action theme tune provided by the editing software. You can dictate the time frame that each photo is shown (from 2-7 seconds) to keep up the manic pace of the video. I then overlaid the images with text highlighting what was happening. Finally, I uploaded it to my social media pages and also to my own YouTube channel.

That was probably one of my biggest mistakes, as many people watched the video on my social media, which didn’t have the click-through to YouTube.

I corrected that error with the second video, which has just gone live. It was uploaded to YouTube first. It’s this link which has been posted on my social media channels (Facebook personal page, Facebook business page, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram).

This second video follows the same approach, stringing together a series of photos (which I took on my summer trip back to Chester this year). The pictures this time are of the two murder sites. One is an old lady’s house in the Queen’s Park suburb. The other is where the journalist is murdered in Edgar’s Field park in the village of Handbridge. Both areas lie immediately over the Old Dee Bridge from the city centre.

This second time round, I used free spooky-themed music which sounds a little like the theme tune of Midsummer Murders. It has that ghostly, creepy sound that intrigues you but also puts your nerves on edge. I love it.

I’ll give it a few more weeks, then do a third video (and possibly more afterwards). The aim is to increase traffic to my YouTube page of course as well as to my Amazon author’s page where I want people to buy the book.

So I hope you check out the videos on YouTube and make sure you give me a ‘thumbs up like’ and click on the ‘subscribe to my channel’ notification. And watch out for more videos coming your way.

being nominated for an award

My publishers – Britain’s Next Best Seller – have nominated me for an award.

Full disclosure, they have actually put forward all of their latest authors for the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Awards 2022.

Our respective books can all be found in the appropriate genres on the website. Closing date for entries is the end of August, with any titles shortlisted being identified after this. So fingers crossed, it’s all very exciting…..

And this is early days, but we are trying our best to get Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere in branches of Waterstones. It’s already featured on their website but there are some behind-the-scenes machinations to go through before it can hit the bookshelves.

But the branches in Chester, Wimbledon and Putney are already interested as well as some small independent shops, so I’ll let you know more shortly.

Promoting my new novel during the cost of living crisis

Times are hard, we all know that. This isn’t going to be a blog about the war in Ukraine and its impact on global gas/oil prices, nor a political dissection of what’s going on in Westminster. Nor am I trying to gain any sympathy for what I’m about to tell you all….

The cost of living crisis is hitting us all in many ways, big and small. One small way it’s impacted on my new book – Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere, my third crime novel featuring Detective Constable Dominic Strider of Chester CID – is in the way I get to promote it to the book-buying masses.

Like most people, I’ve had to recently re-evaluate our household finances and cut out any unecessary expenses or luxeries. One of the things I axed, after serious consideration, was my new website which I’d just started.

I’d bought a domain from Go Daddy and was mid-way through a free trial period in which I had virtually built the new site. But I looked again at the future cost of maintaining the site. It would have been £7.99 a month – or £95 a year – and that was during a Go Daddy sale, as it was normally £15.99 a month. When we all have rising costs for food, gas and electricity, that was a potential ongoing cost I just couldn’t justify.

It’s a shame to lose the website, as it’s a shop window selling your goods, in this case me and my three Strider novels (so far). In normal times, it would have been a terrific way to promote myself and my work.

But, after axing it due to the cost, I got to thinking: what would it have offered that wasn’t already available to you? The video showing Strider’s race through the city centre with the bomb? Well no – that’s pinned to my Twitter and Facebook profiles, its on LinkedIn and Instagram, and available on my own YouTube channel, as well as on my Amazon author’s page and Patreon page.

Watch my video showing DC Strider’s race through the city centre with the bomb – available on my social media and YouTube channel now.

Details about me? Well, you can read as much or as little about me as you like on this, my WordPress blog, as well as on my Amazon author’s page and social media.

A peek at the first chapter of Strider Begins? You can get that by clicking on the book title on Amazon and reading my introduction to Strider’s first ever murder investigations.

Details of future book signing events? Well, due to COVID, the traditional signing sessions whereby I sit down and meet n’ greet punters have stopped for the forseeable, and any time I sign copies of my book (so the store can advertise them as ‘Local author – signed copy’) I’ll be promoting them very heavily (with pics) via WordPress and my social media channels.

What else? How to contact me? Social media. Pictures of me at my previous book signings, from the dim and distant past when I was promoting my first two Strider novels? See below. Pics of Chester? Used copiously in my blog and on social media.

So what have I really lost by shutting down the new website before it had even gone live? Not much in the grand scheme of things. It’s been a minor disappointment, yes, but at a time when we all need to tighten our belts to save some cash, it’s no biggie.

All my major channels of communication and promotion – WordPress, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn – remain free to use. Thank goodness for that and long may that continue. When times are tough, we need to be more creative and resourceful about using as many cheap or free tools as we can.

And who knows: when the nation’s finances start to recover, I might still return to the website idea. Or not, if I find it offers nothing new of value. Watch this space I guess.

How I made a YouTube video promoting my new crime novel

Click on the video to see my short promotional film on YouTube now.

So I made a short film today to promote my third crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’, which was published earlier this month (April 2022).

The idea first came to me three years ago actually, when I created a similar video for Kickstarter. I was trying to raise money to get the book published, to no avail.

Flash forward to 2022, and the book has finally been released by publishers Britain’s Next Best Seller. You can find it on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle right now.

I am working hard each and every week now to promote it, coming up with different ideas to keep the book at the forefront of the public’s mind. So I resurrected the idea of the video today.

It was fairly easy to edit. I used Video Manager on my laptop and dragged into it a lot of pictures I’d taken myself of Chester, where the novel is set. (NB as I own these pictures, copyright isn’t an issue).

I started it off with a title card (simply the book’s title, superimposed over a gorgeous shot of the Eastgate Clock), and then interspersed the photos with text cards on which I wrote a simple story.

It paraphrases the opening chapter of the novel, where Detective Constable Dominic Strider of Chester CID finds a bomb outside Chester Cathedral and – with the bomb squad nowhere to be found – he takes the typically reckless decision to pick it up and race through the city centre, to throw it into the River Dee just before it explodes.

You can time the length of each picture shown (2, 3, 5 and 7 seconds long are your choices), and add some music from a pre-chosen list. This ranges from soft and romantic, jaunty and fun, right up to heart-pumping action – which I chose to reflect the desperation and great sense of urgency in the chapter.

Once done, it took a short while to process, then the work began to promote my new video. I prefer a joined-up communications approach, with my blog linking to my business page on Facebook, my Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I also uploaded the video to my personal Facebook, my Amazon author’s page, Patreon page and my own YouTube channel – actually it’s my first ever proper YT video, and the first of many I have planned to promote my books.

The video is obviously different from my regular blog. It’s obvious to say, but it’s shorter, far more visual, fun and exciting to watch and – importantly – captures the essence of my book in less than 90 seconds.

A whole afternoon’s work for just 90 seconds, eh? But if you like it, and want to find out more by visiting my Amazon author’s page, any of my social media or – especially – you decide it looks like such fun, you want to buy a copy – it’ll have all been worth it. So please visit the video now and enjoy!

Please click on the picture to visit my Amazon author’s page now.

New novel – one week since launch

We’re exactly one week since my third crime novel, featuring Detective Constable Dominic Strider of Chester CID, was released.

Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere is an origin story for the indomitable sleuth and takes place in the week running-up to Easter. Thus, its release last week was very serendipitous indeed!

Rather than solely bombarding the world and his wife on launch day, I’ve decided to spread the launch publicity out over the coming weeks, slowly but consistently beating the drum for my book each and every week for the forseeable.

Last week was a social media blitz. This very blog gets shared over WordPress of course, and also on my Twitter, Linked In and business page on Facebook. I then replicated the post on my personal Facebook page and Instagram (annoyingly, you can’t add links to IG posts so I updated my bio on there instead to link to WordPress). I’ve pinned the article at the top of both Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure.

Since the book was launched on Amazon by my publisher, I linked that page to my own Amazon author’s page, which lists my previous two DC Strider novels too.

Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere is an origin story for the indomitable sleuth and takes place in the week running-up to Easter. Thus, its release last week was very serendipitous indeed!

I’ve updated my Patreon page, offering followers exclusive access to other writing work from my novels, short stories and (unpublished) film scripts and invites to book signings and other events – all for the princely sum of £1 a month. A bargain I say.

Being a former local newspaper journalist, I then wrote a story about myself, publicising the book, with pics of me and the front and back covers (as shown here). These were sent to my local news websites (including Next Door), my local paper, where I used to work and live (Chester) and in my home town (Tamworth in Staffordshire).

Finally I sent the same story, with a few tweaks, to my work’s intranet team for it to be published on the staff intranet. This led to me being invited to speak about my novel at our department-wide staff meeting with the CEO! I had lots of complimentary comments and some orders from colleagues, so all worked well.

So what’s next? Well, I have an old Kickstarter video which advertised the novel back when I was trying to raise funding for it, about three years ago. So I plan to re-edit the video and put it on my old YouTube channel which, frankly, is almost redundant these days (barring some old audition tapes). So I plan to shoot more videos in the near future and revitalise the YT page – check it out later.

I have book signings to try and organise in local bookshops, and I’m going to enter as many crime novel/writing awards that I can. It just means that I aim to keep the book in the public’s eye for weeks and months to come.

So please feel free to read my blog, visit my Amazon author’s page to find out more about me, and (once uploaded) watch the video, all of which will be pointing you towards the novel itself – a fun, twisting, dramatic, comedic, mysterious and cracking read.

Till next time, happy reading!

Strider truly begins – book launch day is here at last!

Everything comes to those who wait – and boy, what a wait!

It was back in 2019 when preparations were first made to get my third crime novel – Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere – into print, thanks to that wonderful couple who run Britain’s Next Best Seller, David and Kelly McCaffrey. I’d first met them at a London Comic Con event, they loved the book and we all thought that was it.

Of course then the global pandemic struck. People had far more important things to be concerned about, plus social distancing would have ruined any potential book signing event, so I was relaxed enough to bide my time.

Not that it hasn’t been an anxious wait, naturally. And I am so over-joyed that we can finally launch my third book on the unsuspecting crime novel-loving public today. It still hasn’t sunk in entirely TBH.

Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere is available from today (11 April 2022) on Amazon – please click the link in this paragraph.

The paperback version is £8.99, and it also comes available on Kindle devices. It’s 288 pages and of course written in English – although we are looking at getting it reprinted in other languages around the globe.

You can even read the first six pages on Amazon, to give you a flavour of my writing style and the general story. Basically it uses the framing device of Detective Constable Dominic Strider, of Chester CID, sitting down with his girlfriend Kate to recount some of his older cases, starting with his very first murder investigations.

The novel takes place in the run-up to Easter – so its publication this week is very fortuitous and timely indeed!

On his last day in uniform before joining CID, Strider foils a bomb plot after finding an explosive device outside Chester Cathedral. This sparks a chain of events that leads him on a manhunt for the bombers, taking in two very different murder victims – a local journalist and an elderly lady – and his entanglement with a devious drug dealer and some very distinctive bank robbers.

But the back-drop to his adventures is his collapsing marriage, leading to his final conclusion that, for all the crimes he solves that week, what has he really achieved if his private life is in freefall? By the final page, you’ll find out how he’s done a great deal of good for the city of Chester, but will still have travelled down a Road to Nowhere.


In preparation for today’s book launch, I have started a Patreon page for people who wish to support my writing endeavours, including the completion and publication of my FOURTH DC Strider crime novel, which I am half-way through.

For £1 a month you will get sample chapters from my three published Strider books and early segments of the fourth book, and have a chance to read my previous short stories and other writing, including sample film scripts. You will be the first to know about book signings and interviews. There is a What’s App number just for Patreon supporters on which you can ask me questions about my writing process. You can see pictures of Chester I have personally taken, and look out for some videos which I will be doing for YouTube in the future. There’s also plans for me to take part in podcasts, which supporters will have exclusive access to before anyone else.

Every penny raised will go towards promoting and supporting my books, including me getting the fourth book published and promoted in full. So don’t hesitate, please support me today on Patreon.

You can find out about my previous DC Strider books – No More Lonely Nights and Long & Winding Road – on my Amazon author’s page.

Kickstarter campaign launched – let’s get my latest crime novel published!

Hi there. I’m writing with some superb news about my 3rd crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’ – and how you can help get it published please! 🙂

Having tried in vain for many months to find a big name literary agent, I happened by chance to meet a lovely couple, David and Kelly, who run a publishing firm in the North East called Britain’s Next Best Seller.

As they don’t have the capital investment available to the corporate giants, they run Kickstarter campaigns to raise enough money for each author to get their book published with them.

My Kickstarter campaign started today (Thursday 15 November 2018).

Please visit the link above, watch the fun video (which I produced and edited myself), and I hope you’ll be kind and generous enough to click on ‘donate’ and support me please.

Just £1 gets you a downloadable version of the book or £8 gets you a paperback copy (scheduled to be printed – hopefully – in early 2019!!). It’s £12 for a signed copy, if any of you are keen for my signature. 😃

For my part, I will be promoting the heck out of this on all my social media for the next 30 days, while the publishers have arranged for paid-for ads on Facebook and Google.

When (hopefully) we’ve raised enough cash for it to be published, there’s a publicist who will work with me to get interviews into London papers (where I live) and Chester ones (where my crime novels are set).

Meanwhile I am currently contacting all the local bookshops I can to try and arrange book signing sessions next year.

So it’s exciting times and I very much hope you’ll come along with me on this incredible journey.

Please visit my Kickstarter page, watch the video and make a donation. However small, it all really helps me to achieve my dream of getting my 3rd crime novel published.

Many thanks in advance and many regards, all the very best! 🙂


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Praise be!

A phrase I use often at work (that’s my day job in government communications) is ‘Praise from Caesar!’ 🙂

It means you’ve received some encouraging and complimentary words from someone higher up than you, usually the big boss. Well, something similar has just happened in my ‘second job’ as a crime novelist.

I can’t reveal too much yet because we haven’t signed contracts, but a publisher has been reading my 3rd Detective Constable Dominic Strider mystery, entitled ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’.

He told me he was “really enjoying it”, loved how Strider wasn’t a typical clichéd copper, but was “a fully rounded character” and how the numerous jokes were “making him laugh out loud”.

Wow oh wow, I was genuinely blown away by his comments. After all, he doesn’t have to be nice or kind to me. He has the power to turn me away and say ‘no’. But he’s enjoying the book and, well, fingers crossed……..

Satisfied readers

It got me thinking about feedback for my first two Strider novels – ‘No More Lonely Nights’ and ‘Long & Winding Road’ – which were printed around a decade ago. Both are available in paperback and on Kindle via Amazon.

Social media wasn’t so prevalent 10-12 years ago, and so the best ways to market these two books was in my newspapers (I’m a former journalist) and via word of mouth.

The first book – ‘No More Lonely Nights’ – was launched in a Chester bookshop that’s sadly no longer with us. I held other signing sessions for it in both Chester and Ellesmere Port.

And when I held signing sessions for the second book – ‘Long & Winding Road’ – a lot of people were what you’d call ‘repeat business’. They’d enjoyed the first novel so much they were back for more!

The company of strangers

Everyone who’s ever written a book knows how lovely it is when family and friends praise it. But in the words of Mandy Rice Davies, in the Profumo scandal: “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?”

So, to me, the very best feedback has always been strangers. The customers who come to your signings (see above).

The people who leave me 5-star reviews on Amazon, lauding the twisting plots, the grittiness of the locales and crimes, the complex and fascinating character of Strider himself.

The wife of a local politician (who’d never met me, and had no reason to be nice about my work) who told me the first book was “a cracking read”.

But my all-time favourite piece of feedback comes from a boy aged 12, who approached me at a signing session for ‘No More Lonely Nights’ at Borders Books in Ellesmere Port. I wouldn’t let him buy a copy of the book because it contains violence, swearing and a sex scene. But he asked me what the plot was about anyway. I told him…..

His reply, which he shouted across the store: “OMG, that sounds absolutely awesome!!”

He then ran off excitedly to tell his mum, who promptly bought a copy. Gee, I wonder if that boy is reading this blog today. All grown-up, I really hope his enthusiasm for my work remains undiminished.

Keeping it balanced

In the interests of balance, I should tell you about any negative reviews I’ve received. A few people have been mildly complimentary – one colleague said the first book was “good, but too laddish for her” – and others have said they liked it without elaborating, which makes you think it just wasn’t their cup of tea. Fair enough.

But truth be told, I have never, ever had a bad review. Not ever. Hope I’m not jinxing things by saying that! 🙂

Which leads me back full circle to the publisher, who’s currently halfway through my 3rd book, and loving it. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next. But I’m anticipating something very exciting indeed!!


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Welcome to Chester!

With my blogs now attracting more and more ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ both on WordPress and social media, I’m absolutely delighted that more and more people are being introduced to the wonderful City of Chester.

As well as being my home town, Chester is, of course, the stomping ground of Detective Constable Dominic Strider of Chester CID – the super-sleuth in my three (to date) completed crime novels.

To me, that’s one of the greatest pleasures in writing my Strider books. Being able to introduce people to Chester – a city most people in the UK and some from abroad have heard of, but many have never visited.

Sure, they’ve probably heard that it’s an ancient Roman city with almost complete City Walls still intact (and which you walk around safely, admiring the exquisiteness of the compact city centre as you complete the hour-long circuit).

They have probably heard it has an ancient Roman Amphitheatre, half exposed and half buried. That the settlement boasts a magnificent gothic Cathedral and sits on the majestic River Dee.

And they might even be able to name-check The Rows, that unique two-tier mainly wooden shopping structure – ie shops upon shops – which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

But Chester is far more than a sum of its parts. It’s a splendidly complex, unique, wonderful, sometimes magical, occasionally frustrating, little city with a big heart and a lot to say for itself. I know that first-hand, having lived and worked there for 15 years.

I don’t just know the ‘surface’ Chester either… the city centre you might shop in, socialise in, and work in.

No, having been a local newspaper reporter for those 15 years, I know its good points and bad points, its strengths and weakness, its hidden underbelly. The twilight world of police investigations, backroom political deals, corruption and crime. The council estates a mere stone’s throw from the Town Hall and Cathedral, which contain people whose lives are a million miles away from the middle class, the gentrified, the great and the good.

It’s in these two disparate worlds that DC Dominic Strider treads, and which his first-person narration brings so evocatively to life in my novels.

Strider doesn’t just walk down the main shopping streets, places you could pick out on a basic city centre map. He knows the lesser-known streets too, the built-up estates and tenements, the dark alleyways filled with shadow and menace. And above all he knows the people…. the good, bad and sometimes ugly.

He is your guide into the sometimes public, sometimes hidden, always fascinating City of Chester. He’ll tell you the city’s history but also put a human face on it.

So if you can’t make it up to Chester yourself any time soon, then check out my two published Strider novels No More Lonely Nights and Long & Winding Road – both available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

And keep reading/following this blog, because one day soon I should have fantastic news about my 3rd Strider novel, which takes us back to his earliest case. It’s called Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere, and it starts – as all good stories should – with a bang!!


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Compare and contrast – which is the best city?

My wife and I have recently returned from a week in York –and it’s fair to say we fell in love with that wonderful city.

However, this could really put the cat among the pigeons, because York has an unofficial rivalry with Chester.

That’s Chester, the wonderful medieval city in which I lived and worked as a local newspaper reporter for 15 years. Chester which is the setting for my Detective Constable Dominic Strider novels. Chester which I write about so passionately in my books and blogs, and the subject of the pictures on this very page.

So it was with conflicted loyalties that I walked around York earlier this month, and we couldn’t help comparing and contrasting both cities. As Harry Hill used to say: Which is better? There’s only one way to find out….. FIGHT!!!!!

York is inevitably bigger and has the added benefit of its Viking past. It’s the birthplace of Guy Fawkes (allegedly) and Joseph Roundtree the confectioner (find out more in the chocolate factory tour!). It also has a wonderful ruined abbey from the time of Henry VIII and tonnes of shopping streets, including the famous Shambles medieval lane. Which is full of Harry Potter shops, weirdly…..

Chester is most certainly smaller, but I think it wins out on three fronts:

  • Chester’s City Walls are smaller, safer to navigate, take far less time to complete a full circuit and envelop the city centre only, affording you wonderful views wherever you go on them. York’s walls are nice in patches, but go on for miles, wrap around a council estate and industrial park, and crucially – in these health & safety conscious modern times – are quite dangerous, having no railings in many places
  • Chester Cathedral is stunning, gothic, modern in places but ancient in others. It’s big enough, but not too big that you can’t get round it in an hour and see everything. It’s full of quiet chapels to light a candle and say a prayer, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. York Minster is very nice of course, but we felt it was too vast and, well, a little bit dull. It was very ‘same old, same old’. Just my opinion of course, but it wasn’t the highlight of our visit
  • And finally, Chester is of course home to DC Strider, star of my crime novels and, indeed, the star of a short film – a locked room mystery I made many years ago. Born and bred in Chester, if you cut Strider in half, he’d have the city’s name running through him. His love for the city, its history and architecture, and his self-appointed role as their knight protectorate is unquestionable. As is my final answer to the poser: which city is ultimately better? Chester!! 🙂


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Long hot summer in the city

Setting my DC Dominic Strider crime novels at various points in the calendar means that, inevitably, at least one of them will be set in the long, hot summer months.

That happens to be the case with my first – and most personal – novel, No More Lonely Nights. NMLN takes place over one hectic August weekend in the height of a scorching hot summer.

In retrospect, I must have been going for a sultry, film noir type feel to the storyline. Maybe A Touch of Evil or Body Heat – well, the story features both evil characters and, er, a lot of body heat generated by Strider and his love interest, the visiting American journalist Kate Laughton!

Having lived in Chester for 15 years means I’ve experienced many lovely summers – and some really grim ones too! I got married on July 1st 2000 – and it tipped it down with rain all day!!

When the sun comes out, so do the tourists and residents alike, and it’s these that Strider must reluctantly bump along with in NMLN as he tackles the killer of a local prostitute, armed robbers, police corruption and threatening letters sent to the local MP.

Sun-speckled locations used in the novel include The Rows, the medieval two-tier shopping system; the Kaleyard Gate area and Cathedral grounds themselves; The Groves alongside the river; Eastgate Clock and The City Walls; the Roman Amphitheatre; and a fictional pub by the canal (scene of a huge fight and, later, where Strider calls in reinforcements); alongside various homes and businesses pertinent to the plot.

Chester is stunning to visit in the summer months and, thankfully, is home of dozens and dozens of tea shops, cafes and restaurants – all of which are generously air-conditioned!

So if you want to walk the hallowed streets where DC Strider still treads to this day, get yourself down to Chester this summer. You won’t regret it!


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