Hi there. I’m writing with some superb news about my 3rd crime novel ‘Strider Begins: Road to Nowhere’ – and how you can help get it published please! 🙂

Having tried in vain for many months to find a big name literary agent, I happened by chance to meet a lovely couple, David and Kelly, who run a publishing firm in the North East called Britain’s Next Best Seller.

As they don’t have the capital investment available to the corporate giants, they run Kickstarter campaigns to raise enough money for each author to get their book published with them.

My Kickstarter campaign started today (Thursday 15 November 2018).

Please visit the link above, watch the fun video (which I produced and edited myself), and I hope you’ll be kind and generous enough to click on ‘donate’ and support me please.

Just £1 gets you a downloadable version of the book or £8 gets you a paperback copy (scheduled to be printed – hopefully – in early 2019!!). It’s £12 for a signed copy, if any of you are keen for my signature. 😃

For my part, I will be promoting the heck out of this on all my social media for the next 30 days, while the publishers have arranged for paid-for ads on Facebook and Google.

When (hopefully) we’ve raised enough cash for it to be published, there’s a publicist who will work with me to get interviews into London papers (where I live) and Chester ones (where my crime novels are set).

Meanwhile I am currently contacting all the local bookshops I can to try and arrange book signing sessions next year.

So it’s exciting times and I very much hope you’ll come along with me on this incredible journey.

Please visit my Kickstarter page, watch the video and make a donation. However small, it all really helps me to achieve my dream of getting my 3rd crime novel published.

Many thanks in advance and many regards, all the very best! 🙂


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